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Dem Bois Inc. was founded in 2016 by Shawn Aaron who identifies as trans-masculine. Aaron began his medical transition in February of 2013. Being employed full-time, Aaron was granted access to affordable and quality gender affirming surgery at low cost. One day while Aaron was scrolling through his Instagram feed he came across a post from an individual who identified himself as trans. This individual had posted a photo of himself along with his bare chest. Under the photo he wrote, ‘he was posting a photo of himself ‘pre-op’ and how he might as well get use to his ‘breast’ because he would never be able to afford any surgery.’ Aaron was extremely saddened by this predisposition of accepting that he would never be able to afford surgery. Aaron recognized his ‘transitional privilege’ and vowed to give other trans individuals the same chance he had by creating an organization that would provide financial assistance to trans men of color who do not have the financial resources to receive the transition care that they need. Aaron recognized that having access to certain health care is key to living a healthier life.

We value all identities! We value all trans identities! We value all journeys!



All applications submitted by the given application deadline will be evaluated. 

Our Review Board is compiled of trans men of color and their allies who understand the importance of accessing medical transition related care. They also have a clear understanding of the extreme cost one would have to pay in order to obtain gender affirming surgery.

The final decision will be fair and impartial in order to ensure that the final applicant/recipient will receive the necessary financial assistance.

Unfortunately, Dem Bois Inc. will not be able to meet each and every applicants needs, but we are working to assist as many people as possible.

*Note; hormone replacement therapy (testosterone) is not a requirement in order to identify as trans and or to be eligible for financial assistance.



The financial assistance that Dem Bois Inc. provides will help to elevate the burden of covering the total cost of surgery for individuals who identify as female to male, FTM transgender, and or trans-masculine person(s) of color who cannot afford to obtain chest reconstruction surgery, and or genital reassignment surgery (gender affirming surgery).


*FTM, transgender and trans-masculine are ‘umbrella terms’. Dem Bois Inc. understands and respects all gender identities along with the need for gender affirming surgery.

*Person(s) of color, also known as POC is defined and is used primarily in the U.S. to describe any person(s) who is non-white. The term encompasses all non-white peoples, emphasizing common experiences of systemic racism. Person(s) of color who are encouraged to apply for financial assistance include: African-American, Asian-American, Pacific Islander, Native/Indigenous American, Latin-Americans, and any other person(s) who are largely part of marginalized and underrepresented communities within the US.



  • You should understand the steps that are currently required to undergo the medical process of transitioning.

  • You should select a proper surgeon who is knowledgeable and has experience with gender affirming surgeries.

  • Surgeon MUST be located in the U.S.

  • Identify who will support you and provide post-surgery care (suggested).

  • Have a genuine need for financial assistance.

  • Dem Bois Inc. will make selection for grant based on financial need and level of preparedness. 


**Note; Please take into consideration your needs and the needs of others. If you have access to obtaining gender affirming surgery without financial assistance, please reframe from submitting an application. Dem Bois Inc. was created to support those in need of assistance. Submitting an application without such need has the potential of taking an opportunity from someone who desperately needs the assistance.

Grant Timeline:


Application Opens August 14th at 9AM PST

Application Closes September 15th at 11:59PM PST

Review Process September 16th thru October 20th

Notification of grant status November 1st

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