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Dem Bois Inc. was founded in 2016 by Shawn Aaron who identifies as trans-masculine. Aaron began his medical transition in February of 2013. Being employed full-time, Aaron was granted access to affordable and quality gender affirming surgery at low cost. One day while Aaron was scrolling through his Instagram feed he came across a post from an individual who identified himself as trans. This individual had posted a photo of himself along with his bare chest. Under the photo he wrote, ‘he was posting a photo of himself ‘pre-op’ and how he might as well get use to his ‘breast’ because he would never be able to afford any surgery.’

Aaron was extremely saddened by this predisposition of accepting that he would never be able to afford surgery. Aaron recognized his ‘transition privilege’ and vowed to give other trans individuals the same chance he had by creating an organization that would provide financial assistance to trans men of color who do not have the financial resources to receive the transitional care that they need. Aaron recognized that having access to certain health care is key to living a healthier life.

We value all identities! We value all trans identities! We value all journeys!


1. Help to relieve body dysphoria.

2. Provide visibility.

3. Support authenticity.


To transform and increase our capacity to care for ourselves and other trans men of color, Dem Bois prioritizes ongoing access to shared experiences that allow us to learn how trauma shows up in our bodies, relationships, and lives. Our Gender Affirming Surgery Grants help trans men of color explore and understand their gender identity and relieve anxieties around gender dysphoria by supporting gender affirming surgery cost. The reduction of stress around surgery cost has been proven to  improve their overall health and well-being. This trickle effect gives them the opportunity to transform how they feel about their bodies and increase their visibility through sharing how their transitions changed their lives. Being able to live authentically uplifts their confidence and propels them forward as trans men of color within their communities.

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